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Pro Football Draft Preview 2013 Now Available

For the third consecutive year, Brian Carriveau is the editor of Pro Football Draft Preview, which can be purchased for digital download at Here’s the letter from the editor in the 2013 edition of the publication…

Dear NFL Draft fans,

It’s hard to believe how far Pro Football Draft Preview has come in just three years. Since its humble beginnings in 2011, our publication has quickly become a respected publication among Green Bay Packers fans as a source for their NFL Draft information.

My first debt of gratitude goes out to you, the reader, for making this all possible. Without you, there would be no magazine put out by Cheesehead TV. My second set of thanks goes out to all the talented contributors. Hours upon hours go into analyzing these prospects as well as the graphic design.

For the first time ever, we will exceed 100 pages of everything you’ve come to expect: over 300 players ranked and analyzed by position, a Top 100 list regardless of position, an entire three-round mock draft, needs for every NFL team, columns and feature articles.

Where we think we beat the competition is that we rank prospects based upon their fit in a 3-4 defense in general and the Packers’ 3-4 defense in specific. The same goes for the Packers’ spread-heavy offense. Our writers put themselves in the shoes of Packers general manager Ted Thompson, ranking players where we think the Packers organization would rank them.

The Packers will be approaching the 2013 Draft with a different mindset than they did a year ago when it seemed like a foregone conclusion they’d have to address the defensive side the football and in particular, outside linebacker. They did just that by taking USC’s Nick Perry in the first round and then spending their first six selections all on defense, trading up three times in the process of doing so.

One year later, the Packers still need help on defense as evidenced by their divisional round playoff loss to the San Francisco when they gave up 581 yards. But Green Bay also doesn’t want to lose any ground on offense either. Surrounding quarterback Aaron Rodgers with talent is important too.

The deepest positions on the current Packers roster are cornerback, guard, quarterback and inside linebacker. It would be a surprise to see the Packers address any of these positions in the early rounds of the Draft, but that won’t necessarily prevent them from adding depth at these spots later on.

As far as the first round goes, it would also be unexpected to see the Packers take any players at either offensive tackle or outside linebacker, the same positions where their last three first-round picks have been spent on Bryan Bulaga, Derek Sherrod and Perry.

By that logic, the Packers figure to address one of only a few places in the first round: safety, defensive line, running back, wide receiver, tight end, or center. Some of those positions make more sense than others, but those are the spots presenting the most pressing needs.

Might I be wrong? Maybe. It’s impossible to get inside the brain of Ted Thompson, but that’s also what makes him good at his job. Other NFL GMs can’t predict what he’s going to do either, at least with any certainty.

With that, please enjoy the rest of Pro Football Draft Preview. I’m confident there are a lot of nuggets and knowledge bombs that you’re not going to find in any other Draft magazines.

Brian Carriveau

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