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About the book: Similar to how H.G. Bissinger’s Friday Night Lights uses high school football in Texas as a lens to look at society, Brian Carriveau’s It’s Just a Game observes adult amateur baseball in Wisconsin as a means to examine small-town America. The non-fiction book,...

About It’s Just a Game

The level of talent in Wisconsin’s Home Talent League may not be the same as that in the Majors, but the competition is just as intense. Maybe more so.

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About the book:

Meet the people that kindle the flame of baseball as America’s pastime in It’s Just a Game.

They’re not just baseball players. From blue collar to white collar, they’re police officers, teachers, delivery drivers, insurance salesmen, and people you meet on the street every day. On their evenings and weekends, they spend their time chasing the goal of every player in Wisconsin’s Home Talent League, to win a championship.

Trying to execute the perfect sacrifice bunt is only part of their worries. Life doesn’t stop for baseball. Along the way, they deal with everything from small-town politics to the death of a loved one. But the one thing they all have in common is the love of the game.

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