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About the book: Similar to how H.G. Bissinger’s Friday Night Lights uses high school football in Texas as a lens to look at society, Brian Carriveau’s It’s Just a Game observes adult amateur baseball in Wisconsin as a means to examine small-town America. The non-fiction book,...


You can contact Brian Carriveau via email at

He’s also on Twitter @BrianCarriveau.

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  1. jon kanikula says:

    If I preorder a copy of your book, will you sign it for me?

    Can’t wait to read it Veau!!

  2. Roger Valadez says:

    I enjoy your articles on Bleacher Report. I wonder if you have family in Lena Wisconsin. My family used to work for Pete Carriveau in that town some 30 miles north of GB; this was back in the late 60s-early70s.Keep up the good work.

  3. Admin says:

    Thanks, Roger. And you made a good guess. Pete was my grandfather. I actually worked as a teacher and coach for three years in Lena from 2003 to 2006.

  4. Roger Valadez says:

    It was people like Pete and others there that my family fell in love with the state and especially the Packers. From 1966 through 1972 I attended a Packer preseason home game and met some of the legends; courtesy of the Hartwig family who was from that area. To this day, my family follows the Pack each year and fondly remembers the summer evenings waiting to unload our cucumber load in the packing shed run by your grandfather. Thanks for responding, Brian; made my day.

  5. allan murphy says:

    is jhonny jolly in football shape ???

  6. Admin says:

    There’s no way to know until he gets to Green Bay, Allan. If Jolly agrees to a contract that will pay him near the NFL minimum, there’s no reason the Packers shouldn’t take a look at him. They’ll have the entire offseason program and training camp to figure out if he’s worth keeping come September. They can always cut him him then and be no worse off.

  7. allan murphy says:

    I say give him shoot hes really good kid iv been watching he will mark my words show greenbay if hes given the chance its up too pack not me but i say YES

  8. allan murphy says:

    he,ll work with pack too restrsure his contract payed how ya play

  9. allan murphy says:

    his pass rush skills got to still be their

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