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About the book: Similar to how H.G. Bissinger’s Friday Night Lights uses high school football in Texas as a lens to look at society, Brian Carriveau’s It’s Just a Game observes adult amateur baseball in Wisconsin as a means to examine small-town America. The non-fiction book,...

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Istanbul Photo Journal, Day 5


Our day began by getting breakfast from a street vendor. We bought börek, a flaky pastry filled with cheese. We got up early to visit Topkapı Palace, the residence of the ruling Sultans of the Ottoman empire from 1520 to 1855. It is a sprawling ground covering 700,000 square meters. This is the Gate of Salutation. Among the many buildings and displays are dormitories, the imperial treasury, armory, several kiosks and a mosque with someone singing the Quran 24/7 as …

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Istanbul Photo Journal, Day 4


The plan on Wednesday was to visit The Museum of Innocence, an accompaniment to the novel of the same name by Nobel Prize winning author Orhan Pamuk. Pamuk conceived of the idea of the novel with the museum in mind, such is his creative genius. Amanda and I read the book before coming to Istanbul. In a nutshell, here’s what both the novel and the museum are about. It’s difficult to tell from a distance, but this is over 4,000 …

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Istanbul Photo Journal, Day 3


The plan for Tuesday was to visit the old town, Sultanhamet. To fortify ourselves for the day ahead, we bought simits, known as the Turkish bagel, covered in sesame seeds. They are sold by street vendors everywhere in the city. Our first stop was the Sultan Ahmed Mosque, popularly known as the Blue Mosque for all the blue tiles adorning the interior, and one of the most notable landmarks in the city. It was originally built in 1616, during the …

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Istanbul Photo Journal, Day 2


Our day began by getting some lunch in the Çukurcuma neighborhood of Istanbul. Amanda got stuffed peppers and chick peas. I got köfte, which is a kind of meatball, and potatoes. We then strolled around the Çukurcuma neighborhood, which is known for its old antique shops. We visited St. Anthony of Padua Church in Istanbul, the largest Roman Catholic church in the city, which was originally built in 1725. Amanda reads up on its history. For an afternoon snack, we …

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Istanbul Photo Journal, Day 1


Joined by my wife, Amanda, our first day in Istanbul began by visiting Taksim Square, the hub of city, which includes a monument of Kemal Atatürk, the founder of the Turkish Republic, under which Turkey became a secular government.  Leading up to Taksim Squre is İstiklal Avenue, the major pedestrian avenue in the city including shops, galleries, bars and clubs. It packed with people on a Sunday, reminding me of trying to traverse Bourbon Street in New Orleans but without …

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Pro Football Draft Preview: 2014 Edition


For the fourth consecutive year, Cheesehead TV published its Pro Football Draft Preview, an in-depth breakdown of the top NFL prospects broken down position by position. As usual it includes features, needs broken down by team, mock drafts and plenty more. See it in its entirety: Tweet

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